Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro – FAMA Museum is one of the largest museums in Latin America, having been open to visitors since 2018. It’s housed in a 6.17 acres area in the historical center of Itu, in the countryside of São Paulo (Brazil), that has lodged for many years Companhia Fiação e Tecelagem São Pedro, a textile factory of great importance to national economy.

FAMA Museum hosts great exhibitions, public calls for proposals and cultural mediation initiatives.

The Brazilian Art-focused collection features pieces created by key artists, ranging from modern to contemporary, comprising various artistic expressions, sculpture, engraving, drawing, installations, paintings and photography.

Enclosing over eight exhibition rooms, the warehouses and gardens are highlights where the 19th Century architecture enthralls the viewer in a unique experience, in which heritage is in dialogue with Brazilian art.


Safeguarding and promoting contemporary art experience and remembrance in Itu and its surroundings.


Making Fábrica São Pedro into sustainable ground for art and culture.


Respecting social, artistic and cultural diversity.

Ana Maria Belluzzo
Board Member

Born in São Paulo, she’s a full History of Art professor at Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo at Universidade de São Paulo, teaching since 1971. She works as a researcher and independent curator. She has coordinated project “Arte no Brasil: textos críticos no séc. XX”, in “Documents of 20th century Latin America and Latino Art. A digital Archive and Publications Project” by the International Center for the Arts of the Americas, at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, (2006-2012). She has developed the project for Museu do Descobrimento, in Porto Seguro (2002). She was a director at Centro de Pesquisa do IDART, SMCSP (1980-81). As a curator, she has conducted contemporary artists’ exhibitions such as: Marcia Pastore at Pinacoteca (2019-20), Marcello Nitsche at SESC (2015), Maria Bonomi at Pinacoteca do Estado (2008), Hercules Barsotti at MAM SP (2004), Waldemar Cordeiro at MAC USP (1986). As well as historical exhibitions, like: Primitifs d’une nouvelle ère at Europalia in Brussels (2011), O Brasil dos viajantes at MASP and at Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon (1994-5); Brazil Through European Eyes at Christie’s, in London (1996); Thomas Ender no Brasil at MASP and at MNBA, RJ (1997). Published works include: Imaginário do Novo Mundo, Um lugar no Universo, A construção da Paisagem, from the collection O Brasil dos Viajantes, 3 v. (1st ed 1995); Carmela Gross, SP: Cosac& Naify (2000); Waldemar Cordeiro – Aventura da Razão (1986); Voltolino e as Raízes do Modernismo (1992). She has organized compilations such as: Modernidade e Vanguardas Artísticas na América Latina (1990) and collaborated in works edited by Aracy Amaral: Projeto Construtivo Brasileiro na Arte (1977); Grupo Ruptura e Arte Concreta (1998). She has acted as a consultant for art institutions, taking part in Conselho de Orientação Artística da Pinacoteca do Estado de SP (2002-10), Conselho do MAC USP (1986), Comissão de Artes Visuais da Fundação Vitae, SP (1989-91), Conselho Curador da TV Cultura (1996-2001). FAPESP. She’s a member of the AICA and the Comitê Internacional de Historia da Arte.

Fábio Magalhães
Board Member

Museologist and former chief curator of Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), worked in several positions in the public administration, such as Assistant Secretary in the State’s Culture Department, former director of São Paulo’s State Pinacotheca, former Secretary of Culture of the City of São Paulo, former Special Advisor of the State’s Culture Department, former Secretary of Cultural Production Support of the Ministry of Culture (Minc), former President of Embrafilme and former President of Fundação Memorial da América Latina (1984 and 1985). Former chief curator of the 2nd and 3rd Mercosul Visual Arts Biennials, Chief Curator of the 4th Mostra VentoSul and part of the curatorship council of the 5th Mostra VentoSul’s edition. Also part of different institutions councils, like the Fundação Padre Anchieta  council, São Paulo’s Biennial Foundation council, amongst others. As well as member of the Brazilian Art Critics Association – ABCA – and of ICOMUS/UNESCO. Studied History of Art in the Instituit D’Art et d’Arquéologie, at Paris.

Gilberto Salvador
Board Member

Painter, designer, writer, sculptor and teacher. Graduated in Architecture and Urban Design for the Universidade de São Paulo. In 1965, he seizes his first solo exhibition, in the Art Gallery of São Paulo’s Outdoor Theatre, during  an important political period. Was awarded with the gold medal in the Salão de Arte Contemporânea, in 1967. His artworks were displayed in several editions of Sao Paulo’s International Biennial. Performed two individual exhibits in the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), in 1985 and 1995. Settled the sculpture “Voo de Xango” in the Jardim São Paulo subway station, in 1999. His artistic production is marked by the opposition between gesture and hard strokes, between organic and inorganic forms, between movement and stillness.

Marcelo Araujo
Board Member

Marcelo Mattos Araujo has been Japan House de São Paulo’s president since October 2018. He was president of Instituto Brasileiro de Museus (Ibram), from Ministério da Cultura (2016-2018); Secretário de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo (2012-2016); diretor at Pinacoteca de São Paulo (2002-2012) and Museu Lasar Segall (1998-2002). Bachelor of Laws at Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo (1978), with a postgraduate degree in Museology from Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo (1983) and a doctoral degree from Escola de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de São Paulo (2002). He was a member of Conselho Executivo do ICOM Brasil (1994-2009), and is currently a member of Conselho da Fundação Bienal de São Paulo (where he holds the position of First Vice-Chairman at the Executive Board), Conselho da Fundação Ema Klabin de São Paulo and Real Patronato do Museo Nacional Centro de Artes Reina Sofia, in Madrid.

Patricia Rousseaux
Board Member

Editorial Director of “ARTE! Brasileiros e Cultura!” magazine. She’s specialized in Psychology in São Paulo’s PUC, Group Coordination in Sedes Sapientiae, Commercial Services Management in Harvard Business School-Executive Education, also she’s graduated in Pedagogy in Anhembi Morumbi.

Telmo Porto
Board Member

Telmo Giolito Porto: PhD from Escola Politécnica da USP. He holds a postgraduate degree in Finances from FGV-SP. Implements and manages multi-discipline projects. Board member in many culture institutions for the past 10 years.

President and Vice President
Marcos Amaro e Ksenia Kogan Amaro

Ana Maria Belluzzo
Fábio Magalhães
Gilberto Salvador
Marcelo Mattos Araújo
Patrícia Rousseaux
Telmo Porto

Financial Director
Dayse Souto

Givanildo Soares da Silva (Giva)

Administration and financial
Dennis Lurm
Nelson Carlos Leme
Priscila Melo
Verônica Cecília Alves

Gustavo Nascimento Paes
Luciana Bernardes Vieira
Maurício Korgiski
Rodrigo Nascimento

Creation Observatory
Carlos Henrique Xavier Mendes
Gisele Cristina Silva dos Santos
Isabela Negrão dos Santos Barbosa
Juan Gonçalves
Moysés Enrique Dutra Pessoa

Bruno Rizzo
Claudia Scavacini Borges
Stefanie Klein

Host and gift shop
Alexandra Regina Stoco
Deivid Cândido

Cultural Production
Rodrigo Viriato

Head of Security
Thiago de Azevedo

Alberto Silva Lemos
Edison Silva Camargo Júnior
Felipe Aparecido da Costa Campos
Jefferson Luiz de Moura Cassimiro
Kin Wong
Luiz Pereira da Santana
Marcelo Maciel Petry de Andara
Otávio Chiaf Arelli
Ricardo Santos Nascimento
Rodrigo Rodolfo de Lima Flores

Adriana Santos de Sá
Domingas Menezes
Rosvaldo Ferraz Silva
Valdeci Gama

Industrial heritage
Arruda Associados Arquitetura
BOA.SP Arquitetos
Kaan Arquitetura


BTG Pactual

Alves Tegam

Max Gonçalves Perlingeiro
Ricard Takeshi Akagawa
Daniela Villela
Fernanda Feitosa e Heitor Martins

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Parking lot

The Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro – FAMA Museum, has parking lot, with opening hours with the Museum, from 11 am to 5 pm. Just arrive and identify yourself at the entrance, and the appropriate place to park will soon be indicated.


The Cozinha São Pedro is the restaurant located in the FAMA Museum and has a diverse and delicious menu! Opening hours are from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30 am to 4 pm. You can make a reservation by calling +55 (11) 98944-4330. Follow Cozinha São Pedro on Instagram @cozinhasaopedrofafa.

Pet Friendly

In the garden of the FAMA Museum, Jardim Dona Helena, you are allowed to walk your pet, always with a guide and a collar. Access is prohibited only in the exhibition rooms, with the exception of guide dogs accompanied by a visually impaired person.

+55 11 4022-4828

Quarta-feira a sábado, das 11h às 17h
Domingos e feriados, das 10h às 16h

Rua Padre Bartolomeu Tadei, 09
Vila São Francisco, Itu – SP – 13300-190