FAMA Campo

Located in the area around the city of Mairinque, in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, FAMA Campo is a division from FAMA Museum. Open in November 2019, the outdoor museum has been inspired by “land art”, an art movement that connects art to the environment. FAMA Campo springs from the purpose of hosting works that interfere on the local landscape, coexist with nature and change along with it.

Transposição, 2018-2019

Área de Propriedade, 2020

Where the sky meets the ground, the air and the land

Inspired by a new way of conceptualizing museums and by the “land art” movement from the 1960s, Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro opens its new FAMA – Itu division, FAMA – Campo, located in the area around Mairinque, in the countryside of São Paulo state.
Over and above being an oasis of art in the countryside of São Paulo, the initiative seeks to make sense as a new way of looking at art. Which one? A new and unpretentious way of exhibiting art in an outdoor museum, with no walls, where the viewers can walk around and reflect upon sculpture outdoors, allowing themselves to assimilate the wonder of a museum with no walls, no shield to protect from the sun, the wind, the rain, the woods, or from insects and animals.
The idea encouraged is for art to be in total harmony with the given and modified landscapes, where sculpture is simultaneously transforming and transformed by nature, and viewers are encouraged to walk around to find their spot, abandoning the passivity of the gaze and inviting themselves to explore new sections of their body and new artistic experiences.
Therefore, the project transforms a piece of land into a constructed landscape, even bumpier and less monotonous than the conventional forms of display seen in museum institutions, mostly enclosed by walls.
What does FAMA Campo devise? Artists’ interventions on the landscape through ephemeral sculptures. In other words: with no need for conservation or preservation, the sculptures are unharmingly designed in complete harmony with nature. Although there’s no theme to guide these artistic creations, it’s also expected that they reflect upon contemporary art issues, such as nature and sustainability, human action deviations, politics and the need to think about the transient nature of life.
Prescinding from the concept of permanence “for eternity” that prevails in art creations thus far, contemporary art in all its complexity included, “impermanence” is FAMA Campo’s main guideline. The venue itself will comprise an exhibition, one with no hierarchy, where all artists must enter respectfully. However, nature must prevail and dictate the order of things. In times of heated arguments around the preservation of the planet’s ecosystems, it’s a privilege to conceptualize FAMA Campo. Thus, no work will be created to last forever or to be institutionalized.