Observatório de Criação is a cultural mediation forum guided by the collective and participatory construction of actions and initiatives surrounding contemporary art and industrial heritage. Observatório’s perspective and playing field are structured by systems and foundations that comply with the cultural diversity and the multitude of repertoires of FAMA Museum visitors.

Observatório de Criação aims to collect, organize, develop and share data and info for the development and preservation of expertise, knowledge and methods. The idea is to provide an experimental forum for the research, education, creation and integration between museum, city and society, through the listening and the acceptance of the many ways of creating and experiencing art and culture.

Our guidelines stem from the connections featured in the collection, considering: art history, art criticism and their dissents, visual poetics and artistic expressions from multiple temporalities and spatialities, industrial heritage as a benchmark of territorial construction as well as subjectivity and narrative development and, ultimately, cultural and educational mediation processes with a focus on dialogue and the exchange of sentient experiences.


Mediated Tours

Mediated Tours seek to establish an arena for dialogue, poetic and performative practices for various audiences, aiming to promote knowledge awareness and redefinition surrounding the works from Fama Museum’s collection as well as Marcos Amaro’s.

Through permanent and temporary exhibitions, Mediated Tours aim to intensify the viewers’ connection to contemporary art and to the remembrance and context of former Fábrica São Pedro, where it’s located.

Group visits take place online by appointment only and are available to public and private schools, universities and a variety of groups such as associations, companies, and others.

On-site actions of cultural mediation are available through material provision for autonomous mediation or through the guidance of a mediator for up to 4 people.

On-Site Visitation Online Tour

The Mediator Program action provides theoretical-practical educational meetings linked to the institution’s archive, to artist Marcos Amaro’s work, to former Fábrica São Pedro’s industrial heritage and to the cultural mediation processes. Aiming to further developing and broadening the dialogue between Observatório de Criação and universities, programs are designed for university students from various fields.


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