Join one of the largest art museums in Latin America

In 2018, Companhia de Fiação e Tecelagem São Pedro (1911), located in the historical area of Itu (São Paulo), was converted into Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro, now hosting over two thousand artworks by Brazilian artists.


The 19th Century architecture is a highlight within the 30000 yd2 area of gardens and warehouses where Companhia de Fiação e Tecelagem São Pedro has operated for decades. In 2018, it was repurposed into FAMA Museum, housing one of the largest private collections in Brazil, open to the public. FAMA Fellowship is a way of broadening contribution networks and getting society more involved into acting for the progressive construction of this major cultural facility. We’d like to get closer, because we believe in the collective ability to gather experiences and ideas. Come join the construction of a diverse sustainable society.

  • Individual: R$ 180,00/year
  • Students, teachers, + 60 y/o
    and Itu residents: R$ 90,00/ year
  • Family (up to 4 people):
    R$ 500,00 to R$ 1.000,00/year
    Tax deductible


  • Unlimited free admission for you and a +1 to all FAMA Museum exhibitions;
  • Customized FAMA Fellow Card;
  • Invitation to members-only events;
  • Mediated tours in all FAMA Museum exhibitions.


FAMA Museum is one of the largest private cultural facilities that’s open to the public in Latin America. Its over 16000 yd2 constructed area elevates the 19th Century industrial legacy and the art position to a plural social instrument level. Its over 2 thousand Brazilian artworks collection interact amidst its beautiful gardens, warehouses and wide galleries. Visiting FAMA Museum is a unique experience, since this great architectural complex is continuously changing and materializing into an environment for connoisseurship, enjoyment and collective involvement. And your role is key in this journey. Come make your mark and your name in social change and culture.

Donation over R$ 5000.
(direct donation – individual)

Tax deductible.


  • Unlimited free admission for you and a +1 to all FAMA Museum exhibitions;
  • Invitation to members-only events;
  • Invitation to exhibition openings;
  • Mediated tours in all FAMA Museum exhibitions
  • Invitation to exhibition previews;
  • 5 catalogues of the museum exhibitions (whenever printed);
  • Nameplate on the museum wall and website;


FAMA Museum substantially contributes to societal transformation and education. Its major collection of Brazilian art is part of great exhibitions spread over 8 galleries. The Museum promotes and fosters calls for proposals of art creations, debates and workshops on various fields, in collaboration with teachers, educators and students. Such achievements are only possible due to the participation of all, especially our supporters.

In this social and cultural setting, your company plays a key role in making FAMA Museum more and more democratic. Your brand has a special place at Fábrica São Pedro, on the walls that blend past and present, industrial legacy and Brazilian art.

/ Are you interested?

Contact us and find out how to be a sponsor of FAMA Museum.

Renata Camargo – renata.camargo@tudocultural.com.br | +55 11 98189-2808
Thais Bellani – thais.bellani@tudocultural.com.br | +55 11 97694-1226


Donate and contribute to FAMA Museum’s growth, one of the major art museums in Latin America!

Donations are tax deductible, via credit card or incentive law

To donate your taxes, follow these steps:

  • Select the donation value and register;
  • You will receive an e-mail with the bank details for transferring;
  • Once the transfer is complete, you’ll receive the Patronage Receipt via e-mail or regular mail;
  • Deduct it from your income tax statement.

To learn more, e-mail apoie@famamuseu.org.br